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We’re fans of the rock group Boston and want to leave a tribute to their greatness.

Boston The rock group Boston reached their height of popularity primarily during the ’70s, and ’80s. Their current roster of band members includes: Tom Scholz, Michael Sweet, Tommy DeCarlo, Gary Pihl, Kimberley Dahme, and Jeff Neal. (Past members include: Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau, Sib Hashian, Fran Cosmo, Jim Masdea, David Sikes, Doug Huffman, Curly Smith, Anthony Cosmo, Anthony Citrinite, and Tom Hambridge.)

The rock group Boston has sold over 31 million albums in the USA. Some of the most popular songs are:
More Than a Feeling
Peace of Mind
Foreplay/Long Time
Rock and Roll Band
Don’t Look Back

Boston – their First album: Boston (1976)
The first album was the self titled release: Boston. It debuted on August 8, 1976. It was immediately popular and stormed up the charts. The album became the 2nd best selling debut album in US history w/ 17 million copies sold. (For those that are wondering, Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction is #1 with 18 million copies sold.) Boston started opening for bigger named groups such as Black Sabbath, Foghat, & Blue Oyster Cult among others. Boston then went on tour to promote their album in 1977 and were quickly nominated for a Grammy as Best New Artist for that same year. The top 3 singles from the album were: More than a Feeling, Long Time, and Peace of Mind. All 3 songs hit the national charts.

Boston – their Second album: Don’t Look Back (1978)
Boston’s second album was released in August 1978. While a success with over 7 million records sold, there was some drama going on behind the scenes. During recording of this album, there were ongoing problems between manager Paul Ahern and partner Charles McKenzie that led to distractions and other issues for the recording. This led to Scholz feeling that the Don’t Look Back album was rushed and he was somewhat not happy with how it turned out. Regardless, the album still sold well, and the band went on to help promote its sales with another tour. The top 3 singles from the album were: Don’t Look Back, A Man I’ll Never Be, and Feelin’ Satisfied.

Boston – solo projects (1979-1985)
The band Boston then fell on difficult times after their initial success. Scholz began composing new songs, but former manager Paul Ahern tried to make a case that he was entitled to a percentage of all sales from any future work that Scholz did. This caused Scholz to recommend to the members of his group that they work on solo projects while he attempted to get the situation resolved. Some of the members went on to work on other projects. Scholz on the other hand was served with a $60 million lawsuit by CBS for failure to deliver a new Boston album within what they believed to be the specified required time frame. This ongoing legal problem delayed the next albums release for approximately 6 years. Eventually their dispute went to court, and Scholz won, and moved the band to MCA Records to be its producer.

Boston – their Third album: Third Stage (1986-1988)
The third album was officially released on September 23, 1986. The song Amanda had been leaked in 1984 (whether this was intentional or not, is up for debate). Regardless, Amanda became the top single for the album and was very strong on the rock music charts. Both the album, Third Stage, and the single Amanda hit #1 on the Billboard music charts. Other popular songs on this album were: We’re Ready, and Can’tcha Say. Boston toured to promote this album after their long hiatus during 1987-1988.

Boston – their Fourth album: Walk On (1994)
Again, the new album was significantly delayed for release. This time, the delay can be attributed to renovations to Scholz’s studio (and the temporary departure of Delp from the band who went to work on solo projects). The album hit platinum status, but in the end it only reached #7 on the Billboard albums charts. The most popular song on the album was I Need Your Love. In 1995, Delp returned and went on tour to help promote the album.

Boston – release of Boston: Greatest Hits (1997)
The greatest hits album had most of the popular singles throughout the bands history. The one notable exception was the song We’re Ready. The album did however include 3 new tracks which were Higher Power, Tell Me and an instrumental version of Star Spangled Banner (which while intriguing, was a bit out of place).

Boston – their Fifth Album: Corporate America (2002)
Boston’s fifth album was released in November 2002 w/ Artemis Records serving as the producer. The band toured in 2003-2004 to help promote the album.

Boston – Present Day
In 2008, Boston had some internal issues among some of the band members, and the bulk of the band was essentially replaced by new persons. The new lineup includes Scholz, Pihl, Sweet, DeCarlo, Dahme, and Neal. The band played 53 concerts in 3 months co-promoted with another popular rock band, Styx. In January 2009, the Greatest Hits album was re-released as a remastered disc and the band is currently according to their official website, working on a new album “at an agonizingly slow rate”.

The fans of Boston wish to express their appreciation to its members. We appreciate the ongoing efforts of your musical talent, and can’t wait for your next album to be released!